descriptionA ray tracing program developed as part of an assignment for CMPT-361 in Fall 2010.
ownerKarol Krizka
last changeThu, 06 Jan 2011 23:28:56 +0000
1b82c9e 2011-01-06 Karol Krizka Reduced the value of EPSILON by a smaller amount. octtree-mesh octtree master
185f83e 2011-01-06 Karol Krizka A few more debugging information.
7b9d334 2011-01-06 Karol Krizka Updated the reference image for the doughnut test.
89b4a8b 2011-01-06 Karol Krizka FIxed objects not being added to any oct-tree par…
07eae4e 2011-01-06 Karol Krizka OctTreeNode how restricts the bounding boxes of i…
c229f0c 2011-01-06 Karol Krizka Mesh now uses an oct-tree to store its triangles.
79e5df4 2011-01-06 Karol Krizka Triangle now returns the maximum point for maxPoi…
d4d0a7c 2011-01-06 Karol Krizka Beginning of using ObjectList and OctTreeNode in …
3394ef8 2011-01-06 Karol Krizka Converted all PNG images into RGB format so the u…
7c11a68 2011-01-05 Karol Krizka Added some missing showcase files
6f318c2 2011-01-05 Karol Krizka Fixed a roundoff error in Triangle's contains alg…
d582a86 2011-01-05 Karol Krizka Added support for unit tests.
f580c01 2011-01-05 Karol Krizka More stuff to .gitignore .
173fabd 2011-01-05 Karol Krizka Added .gitignore to suppress scene images from po…
0e6d99c 2011-01-05 Karol Krizka Quiet some of the output from
305ebf4 2011-01-05 Karol Krizka PPMFile saves the output in binary format.
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