descriptionAn astroid game with dynamic fractures.
last changeFri, 21 Sep 2012 22:33:20 +0000
a91e54c 2012-09-21 Karol Krizka Box2D debug draw is now part of the Box2D debug o… master
5355d51 2012-08-28 Karol Krizka Support for z ordering of objects. Debug overlay … debuginfo
d541897 2012-08-28 Karol Krizka F3 now hides the debug overlay.
886d9d9 2012-08-28 Karol Krizka Draw only visible objects. DebugOverlays are invi…
a26c48b 2012-08-28 Karol Krizka DebugView can now render lines of text. Added Deb…
62fed8f 2012-08-28 Karol Krizka DebugFPS now actually shows the FPS.
2c94f14 2012-08-28 Karol Krizka DebugViews can now be added (created a DebugFPS, …
512fee2 2012-08-28 Karol Krizka GameObject name is now passed as a keyword argume…
24a52cd 2012-08-28 Karol Krizka Astroids are now randomly generated every 100 fra… astroidgenerator
0ef2660 2012-08-27 Karol Krizka Added shield functionality.
8424790 2012-08-27 Karol Krizka The score is updated by 1 per frame drawn.
19f580f 2012-08-27 Karol Krizka Added a HUD which shows shield strength and score… hud
6f79866 2012-08-27 Karol Krizka Initialize pygame modules on game creation.
964aa6e 2012-08-27 Karol Krizka Copy the density+friction when creating a new sma…
c1a38f8 2012-08-26 Karol Krizka Tweaked the ship's smash properties.
5ca4c97 2012-08-26 Karol Krizka It is now possible to define different smash prop…
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