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3dtictactoe.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. krizkane 5 years ago
Deworded.git A word-search/bejeweled mashup for Android. krizkane 4 years ago
MazeMod.git A simple Minecraft mod that generates random 41-by-41 hedge mazes inside the world. krizkane 6 years ago
astroids.git An astroid game with dynamic fractures. krizkane 5 years ago
autorotate.git AutoRotate Daemon Karol Krizka 6 years ago
cannon.git A simple game based on Angry Birds (but in 3D). Karol Krizka 6 years ago
coingame.git A coin dropping game. krizkane 5 years ago
irrbullet.git Clone of Karol Krizka 6 years ago
irrkk.git A bunch of classes to make developing with Irrlicht faster. krizkane 6 years ago
kkengine.git A simple game engine (aka collection of useful classes) for Ogre. krizkane 5 years ago
raytracer.git A ray tracing program developed as part of an assignment for CMPT-361 in Fall 2010. Karol Krizka 7 years ago
voronoi.git A set of tools to work with voronoi diagrams. krizkane 5 years ago